My talk at the IET: B2B Social Media for SMEs

Louise Hayter presenting on B2B social media for SMEs at the IET

Recently I was invited to give a talk at the for the Institute of Engineering & Technology (IET) as part of their Multimedia Communications Lecture Series.

The event was at the University of Westminster on the 11th of March 2014. I joined speakers Bryony Thomas and Barry Flynn to contribute to the topic ‘How should the Engineering and Technology industry embrace Social Media, Marketing and Public Relations?’
In my talk I discussed B2B social media for small and medium size enterprises – where to start with strategy, the importance of content marketing and keeping your audience in mind.
My presentation featured two short case studies on companies who are getting it right with B2B social media: firstly Maersk Line, the influential behemoth of B2B social media, and Clavis Technology, a small software company who successfully leveraged the power of social media to assist lead generation for their sales team.
You can view the slides or watch the presentation on the IET website.
Social media for SMEs - image hyperlinked to prezi



One thought on “My talk at the IET: B2B Social Media for SMEs

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