Fast forward: 31 days in the life of… video diary

Here’s a cool creative project by my good friend Jason Mayes, documenting 31 days of his life in just 2 minutes 22 seconds.

The question remains… are there going to be another 11 of these mini videos, or will it be a full feature length film (of 24 minutes?) I’m starting the petition now!



  • How could you or your brand create a similar video? Could this be shareable content for social media channels?
  • Could you ask your Facebook fans / Google+ followers to submit short videos of themselves, and then edit the videos together to make a short trailer that they and their friends would share themselves?
  • Could you create a competition where fans need to look for clues in videos like this to solve a mystery and win a prize?* Could this be part of a series of videos that could either simply be watched together as a short story, but could also form clues in a competition?
  • How else could a creative video like this be of value to your brand? (Comments below please!)


*no prizes for spotting my cameo appearance in Jason’s video


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