Shower yourself in experiential

Ahh, summer. Great opportunity to head to the beach. And to connect with consumers on the beach – that is if you’re Sprite, and have a branded shower.

Sprite created this amazing human shower in Tel Aviv and Rio de Janiero. It’s a great piece of experiential marketing and a strong example of a branded utility; something of practical use to consumers that also connects to the brand in a relevant way.

The best thing about the Sprite shower dispenser isn’t that it’s useful (although it is) but that it’s damn good fun. Not only do you get a novel branded shower on the beach, you also get to imagine you’re disposable cup in an oversized soft drink dispenser! (May not appeal to everyone but certainly appeals to me.) It’s great brand exposure too – pretty hard to ignore a brand while you’re showering underneath it.

The human shower dispenser communicates that Sprite is fun, summery and refreshing. We must concede the obvious point that – somewhat ironically – the Sprite dispenser shower dispenses water, not Sprite. However, I’m sure anyone would rather be sprayed down in water than Sprite after a few hours on a hot sandy beach.

Whilst experiential beach showers still aren’t exactly common,  check out Lynx’s social shower for an example of one used to communicate a very different brand message.  This sexy shower, created by The Lounge Group, smashed the Guinness World Record for the most people ever to shower simultaneously whilst communicating the brand message ‘the cleaner you are the dirtier you get’.


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