Sleeping on the tube: guerilla marketing for Ikea

I often feel pretty tired on the tube in the mornings, but Ikea has taken tube sleepiness to the next level to publicise their Tottenham store.

I was greeted onto the Victoria line yesterday by the sight of tartan pyjama bottoms. At first I felt mildly irritated – it was too reminiscent of the rahs at uni (whose staple wardrobe was pyjama bottoms, flip flops/Ugg boots, a gilet and pashmina… judgemental of me, yes). But then I realised it was a promo stunt.

One male and one female commuter, respectable from the waist up, were pretending to be soundly asleep, half suited and half in their nightclothes.

Usually when bizarre characters get on the tube you’re not free to stare, but these guys had their eyes closed and were (hopefully) getting paid, so it was fair game! The thing I most enjoyed was watching the typically British reactions of everyone around, coolling pretended not to have noticed. But I suppose, living in London, you probably have already seen it all.

This was a great way of publicising the new store for Ikea locally without cutting into much of the marketing budget. I didn’t see any other snoozing business people in the other carriages on the way out, so it’s possible it may only have been happening in the one. Even if Ikea was only targeting one carriage, given the volume of people the reach must have been pretty impressive for the cost.

Anyway, it did the job – I now know there is an Ikea in Tottenham and I had a smile on my face. If any other brands want to make my morning commute a little more interesting it would be much appreciated!


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