Insight into poster ads

I really like this tube poster by Posterscope. (Funny that an out-of-home agency should make good posters.)

Along a station wall plastered with shiny, brightly coloured images, this stood out. It’s nice to have something to read while you stand there, numbly staring at a wall as you wait for the tube.

It’s arresting copy. It doesn’t introduce itself; it draws you in, addressing you with a question. A question for which many people will have a personal answer.

“So what about Judi Dench?”

I love Judi Dench, I think to myself. She’s so talented. Brilliant to see an older, British female actress so respected and admired internationally.

“She’s a damn fine actress, isn’t she?” says the poster.

Where is this going, I wonder, what are they trying to sell me here?

“…That’s what the research tells me.”


“…And it turns out that most of you looking at this will admire Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, Richard Branson… and Judi Dench.” True. Uncanny; all apart from Richard Branson, anyway.

And so on.

I was compelled. Not in a profound way, admittedly, but how often do you ever feel compelled by an advert?

An advert for an Insights role at an ad agency specialising in posters had snuck up on me with a poster using insight. Straightforward, yes. But clever, we must agree.

Obviously, whilst most people standing on the platform may (according to the insight) fit that consumer profile, few will be qualified to be an Insights Manager. Yet I daresay Posterscope have got their insight accurate enough to have attracted the right candidate.


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